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Spectrometer double beam

Product Cat # SKSSSDB924


 Double Beam spectrophotometer With advance circuit measurement and control system make the instrument with high realiability and low noise. Range 190-1100 nm, basic/quantative wavelength scan/DNA Protein Test/Kinetic, automatic peak picking & spectrum display. Large screen with graphic display.

In a double-beam instrument, the light is split into two beams before it reaches the sample. One beam is used as the reference; the other beam passes through the sample. The reference beam intensity is taken as 100% Transmission (or 0 Absorbance), and the measurement displayed is the ratio of the two beam intensities. Some double-beam instruments have two detectors (photodiodes), and the sample and reference beam are measured at the same time. In other instruments, the two beams pass through a beam chopper, which blocks one beam at a time. The detector alternates between measuring the sample beam and the reference beam in synchronism with the chopper. There may also be one or more dark intervals in the chopper cycle. In this case the measured beam intensities may be corrected by subtracting the intensity measured in the dark interval before the ratio is taken.

Type of SpectrophotometerUV - VISIBLE
Type of Optical SystemDouble Beam
Monochromator TypeHolographic Grating
Detector TypePhotodiode
Spectral Bandwidth TypeFixed Bandwidth
Light SourceDeuterium Lamp ,Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Diffraction Grating (lines/mm)1200
Switching of Light SourceMannual

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