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Water Still Stainless Steel Body (Manasty Type)

Product Cat # SKSS354


Water Still Stainless Steel Body (Manasty Type) Manufacturer by Labycare in India. It is also called laboratory water distillers, heat water to a volatile vapor phase thus separating it from nonvolatile impurities. It is used in a wide range of laboratory settings to provide an on demand supply of distilled water. As well removing charged ions, the water distillation process can filter out non-volatile organic compounds, microbes, minerals and chemicals. 

Labycare Water Still Manasty Type Wall Hanging is made of Stainless Steel Body. The vessel is made of Casted Stainless Steel  and is electrically operated for getting pyrogen-free distilled water automatically. Wall hanging arrangement saves space.  

The condenser is seamless fitted with automatically ejection device which operates automatically when water vessel gets dried. The baffle cup and condenser are  made of Stainless Steel sheet. 

We are Manufacturer, Exporters and Suppliers of Water Still Stainless Steel Body (Manasty Type) at wholesale competitive prices from India. 
  • Brand : SK Scientific and Surgicals
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Capacity : 4 Ltr/hour, 6 Ltr/hour, 8Ltr/hour, 10Ltr/hour
  • Automation Type : Semi-Automatic
  • Color : Silver
  • Phase : Single Phase
  • Voltage : 220/230V
  • Power Source : Electric

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